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Welcome to Ships of CalMac!

I suppose as the Site Editor I should explain a bit about myself and Ships of CalMac… a site produced jointly between myself and the SoC Crew.

I am 26 years old and live in a Northumbrian village just over the boarder from Scotland (what you're not Scottish?! I here you cry!). My holidays, spare time and occasionally even time at work seem to consist of CalMac. For over 20 years I've been migrating to Scotland for annual holidays or with work and despite its reputation for bad whether at the times i tend to go - enjoy every moment of it!

I mainly set up this website to gather information about the vessels so that the information was here all in one place. As you may have gathered, things have seemed too of spiralled since then! With my ‘Crew’ working along side me, we aim to keep Ships of CalMac as an ongoing project, to collect information not only on the vessels that ply the Western Isles, but the way of life they bring with them so that in this ever changing world, a piece of history is not forgotten…

I receive loads of emails weekly from people and contacts updating me with news, past crew members, stories, pictures and more. Through this site I have met and made friends with people through out the world who are connected with CalMac, something I didn’t think possible standing on a small ferry mid Sound years ago when i came up with the idea…

My other interests include water sports, Scuba Diving (which I aim to get finished soon!) and Skiing. However with work commitments any time spent near or on water seems to be on a CalMac ferry!

I am currently driving for a Bus Company in Northumberland but I'm never too far from the sea…

Kind Regards,

Steve Hurst

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