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Your email address is known only to the owner of Ships of CalMac and is never made public to anyone else. It, along with any other details you submit, are used only for the purposes of delivering the services of Ships of CalMac websites to you.

Ships of CalMac uses cookies to deliver your service. These are necessary to recognise you and deliver the appropriate access to the sites. They are NEVER used to track your movements or for any other hidden purposes. These cookies are safe and exist on your own computer as tiny text files holding your username and other necessary information for delivering your web pages.

Information Gathering:
Apart from the website's logs, Ships of CalMac do not gather information about your movements or surfing habits. Ships of CalMac use no means of gathering such information - such as web beacons or web page 'bugs' employed by Yahoo and some other discussion/portal sites. Only the movements within Ships of CalMac are logged, which is normal practise to determine what use is being made of the websites. The only other information is where you were referred from - for example if you clicked on a link to Ships of CalMac from another website or search engine.

Ensuring Your Privacy:
Ships of CalMac operates a policy of NEVER giving your information to any Third Party (unless required to by law). Your email is NEVER sold, lent or given to any other body for any purposes. Your email address is also kept private from enquiries unless you wish to release it. The database that contains your email address exists on a part of the server that is not accessible to the public.

Promise of Privacy:
Ships of CalMac promises to honour this statement at all times. The Ships of CalMac websites are one of the few that do NOT employ methods to gather information to use for re-selling or pushing marketing at you. This is because subscribers deserve a better service. Subscription ensures Ships of CalMac do not need to gather information from you to make money. Be aware that many websites exist solely for the purpose of learning who you are, what you will buy and where you surf. This Privacy Statement is to assure you that this site is here to deliver a service for you and for no other marketing purpose.

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