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30/11/03 Loch Dunvegan was spotted heading outbound towards Toward Light, not sure yet if she is going to Rothesay first or straight to Colintraive.
  Coruisk's 13.20 ex Gourock and 13.50 ex Dunoon have been cancelled due to technical problems today.
28/11/03 Coruisk operated the 15-20 to Dunoon yesterday but the same sailing today was operated by AliCat.
27/11/03 Jupiter Launched 30 years ago today - Happy 30th Birthday!
23/11/03 Muirneag is back in the water at Wallsend, she didn't appear to have her name on the bow or the Calmac web address, she is due to leave around the 26th.
22/11/03 The Isle of Mull due in the Mersey on Sunday at 17.00 going to Birkenhead for overhaul. Currently she is staying at Craignure tonight, leaving there at midnight and then sailing to Birkenhead arriving at 17.00hrs where she is picking up the pilot and then sailing further up the river from where the Isle of Lewis was overhauled to a different dock.
21/11/03 Isle of Lewis returned to Service today on her regular Ullapool - Stornoway route after her annual overhaul allowing the Clansman to head back south.
19/11/03 The Sound of Harris ferry (Presumably Loch Portain) was out of service yesterday and part of today due to a technical fault.
17/11/03 Reported today was PIONEER's Radar spinning in JWD for a while, perhaps she's patiently awaiting a turn to be out in the open waters...
  Caledonian MacBrayne has confirmed that the Uig/Tarbert/Lochmaddy service will resume with a normal timetabled service commencing 0730 ex Lochmaddy on Saturday 15 November.
15/11/03 CORUISK was spotted doing a series of sharp turns (definitely NOT for the fainted hearts!) before heading off to Dunoon, presumably for further berthing trials today.
  CORUISK should eventually start 'normal' sailings next week. Also Saturn's refit has possibly been been delayed for a short time.
14/11/03 Today CORUISK was at the wires, Gourock,  doubled up (two sets of ropes at each mooring point). At 1505, just before Saturn arrived from Dunoon she 'singled up' her mooring ropes and landed her gangway. She gave all the appearance of a ship about to sail. presumably to make the 1520 sailing. Saturn duly arrived, unloaded, and indistinct commands came over Coruisk's PA system. Saturn loaded, and sailed for Dunoon, and Coruisk's gangway was positioned again. Her ropes were then 'doubled' again. The new Clyde ferries to replace the 'Streakers' will, apparently, not be CORUISK styled, but bigger versions of the present sisters..
13/11/03 Loch Buie prepared to go on the slipway at the Ardmaleish Boatyard.
  CORUISK made a scheduled trip to Ferguson's for further belting adjustments last night. She was back in service again today for a few runs.
11/11/03 MV CORUISK will leave Gourock at 12:20pm today on first service run on the Clyde.
  CORUISK yet again didn't appear yesterday in service. It seems that the new belting is causing problems at Dunoon and that she will head back to Ferguson's on Wednesday for more repairs. The vessel cost £8.2 million and could not operate on the route for which she was built, has not earned her owners a penny since late August. She has had numerous alterations carried out to appearance and functions.
  Yesterday 10/11/03 saw the start of the temporary revised route for the Uig Triangle. The new route sees the Hebrides operating out of Ullapool instead of Uig as there are slipway repairs at the latter. She will be running with her sister the Clansman who is covering for the Isles of Lewis who is currently on the Mersey for annual overhaul.
09/11/03 Confirmation of the first sailings of CORUISK

Mon, Wed Fri 1220 / 1320 / 1420 / 1520 ex Gourock

Tues & Thurs 1220 / 1320 / 1520 / 1820 / 1920 ex Gourock
08/11/03 Reported in today's Herald that Calmac are to abolish the position of Purser on their vessels. Ships of Calmac have yet to confirm this with details but will keep you informed as soon as we know.
Calmac intend to operate M V Coruisk on several of their Gourock / Dunoon services from Monday 10th November. M V Saturn will operate the main timetable from Sunday 9th onwards but will be replaced by Coruisk on several services each day. Coruisk’s services will be subject to alteration but she is expected to operate the 1220, 1320 and 1420 sailings ex Gourock with their returns 30 mins later from Dunoon plus some others which are not specified at the moment. It is expected that Coruisk will take over the service entirely from Monday 17th November when Saturn goes off for overhaul. Please note that the above is subject to alteration at short notice.
06/11/03 The Loch Linnhe due out on trials on Wednesday 12th she will the go on to the Iona service to let Loch Buie to come town for her overhaul
05/11/03 MV Coruisk is at James Watt Dock tonight to free the Top Wires berth at Gourock for MV Juno to lie overnight instead of the linkspan berth. Contractors will tonight install a large Trelex fender in the linkspan berth to aid alignment to vessels using the berth.
The work was scheduled for Tuesday night but due to MV Coruisk being unable to enter the dock due to adverse weather conditions yesterday is being carried out tonight.

MV Pioneer moved from Greenock Custom House Quay to James Watt dock for lay up this afternoon. 
  MV Saturn transferred over to Gourock-Dunoon service this afternoon, MV Jupiter was observed at Wemyss Bay. 
04/11/03 MV Pioneer arrived on the Clyde late this afternoon, bound for Gourock. However, after offloading crew cars there she proceeded to Greenock Custom House Quay where she berthed due to high speed winds. It is believed to be her first ever time there, and the first time a Calmac vessel has used the Quay since MV Iona in 1985, when she left Lamont's drydock only to suffer immediate mechanical problems and needed somewhere to berth quickly. .

MV Caledonian Isles diverted to Gourock this afternoon instead of her usual mainland terminal at Ardrossan. 

It is likely that MV Loch Riddon is currently covering on the Colintraive-Rhubodach service whilst MV Loch Dunvegan is in drydock, though this is still to be confirmed.

03/11/03 Due to adverse weather conditions M V Pioneer has been forced to seek shelter overnight at Kennacraig. A decision on her future progress to Gourock will be made tomorrow morning. Pioneer is expected to discharge crew cars and other equipment at Gourock before berthing at James Watt Dock.
02/11/03 Loch Dunvegan headed for the James Watt Dock this morning, a week early for her annual overhaul.
  MV Isle of Lewis arrived at A&P drydock, Birkenhead today for her annual overhaul. MV Clansman is currently covering on the Lewis service. MV Muirneag's sailings are unaffected.
01/11/03 Pioneer completed her Small Isles relief sailings today, and found Loch Nevis waiting for her on her arrival back at Mallaig. She now heads back to JWD for lay up, so today MAY have been her last passenger sailing (its a big may where Pioneer is concerned!). She is due in Oban tomorrow, and is expected at Gourock about 5pm on Monday, before heading to JWD.
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