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28/05/05 Adverse weather conditions have forced the cancellation of sailings on the following routes: Berneray - Leverburgh; situation to be reviewed at 1130, Lochmaddy - Uig; 0730 sailing postponed until further notice, Mallaig - Small Isles, Mallaig - Armadale; sailings to be reviewed frequently, Lochranza - Claonaig; 0930 round trip cancelled and situation to be reviewed at 1015. See the external link for full details.
27/05/05 Caledonian Isles was using the old Irish berth for her evening arrival. We are not sure of the reason for this but she was reported running approximately an hour late.
26/05/05 This morning's 0700 sailing from Ardrossan to Brodick was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. For further updates on the day's service, see the external link above
23/05/05 NorthLink: It seems NorthLink have switched the role of the freighters. Clare is at Hatston, Orkney this morning with the Hascosay at the Euro Link in Aberdeen. The Clare will sail for Aberdeen this evening with presumably the Hascosay sailing for Lerwick.
2105/05 Suilven, a past Caledonian MacBrayne ferry celebrated her fist year in service with Suilven Shipping this week. After a migration from Scotland to the warmer waters of New Zealand she later joined her current operators on a Ro-Ro Role in Fiji. For more information and too take a look at the fantastic condition her current owners are keeping her in, visit Suilven Shipping.
19/05/05 "Bute Now Due in July" The official naming ceremony for MV Bute had been due to take place on Friday, June 24, with the vessel entering service later that day, but a Caledonian MacBrayne spokesperson told us on Monday that the vessel’s arrival in Scottish waters was going to be delayed.
  Read more and view latest pictures from the online BUTEMAN.
  Other News...
  It has been confirmed that the Brenda Corlett (ex Pioneer) has started service with her new owners. The "Service started May 2005, sailing from Principe to Douala, Tiko, Calabar, Malibo, sailing times and schedules have yet to be regularised." quotes the website. For More Information visit the site here.
18/05/05 Due to adverse weather conditions, the Loch Tarbert was unable to make her scheduled sailings at 1825 from Lochranza and returning from Claonaig at 1900.
17/05/05 Isle of Cumbrae was reported back on the Tarbert roster this afternoon.
15/05/05 Loch Dunvegan is back in service at the Kyles of Bute. Isle of Cumbrae has been assisting the Loch Alainn on the Cumbrae run. Loch Riddon still holding the fort at Tarbet-Portavadie. Isle of Arran was covering Hebridean Isles on the Islay run, as the latter required maintenance. It is still TBC if Isle of Arran is still on the run, or if the Hebridean Isles has resumed service. Isle of Arran is due to join the Islay service on Friday 20th of May, as the second vessel on the Route. To see the times of this service, please consult the timetable.
  Lochnevis took an additional sailing from Mallaig to Rum and back this afternoon.
11/05/05 Isle of Cumbrae is now on relief duties at Colintraive, having been relieved at Tarbert by Loch Riddon. Loch Dunvegan made her way to Gourock today for a berth at the wires. She will be entering Garvel dry dock for work on one of her Voith units.

IoC and Loch Riddon at Tarbert on changeover 10th May


Loch Ranza is now back home on service at Gigha. Loch Riddon should be in Campbeltown by now, having departed Gigha this afternoon.

08/05/05 Loch Ranza is due to depart Largs for Gigha on Monday am, weather permitting to relieve Loch Riddon, which is due at Tarbert on Tuesday pm.
07/05/05 Loch Linnhe is now back in service at Tobermory as of this morning which allowed Bruernish proceeded to Oban lay-by berth.
06/05/05 Loch Striven should be back at Raasay by now, with Loch Linnhe due in Tobermory tomorrow at some point. Both movements are still TBC at this stage. Loch Ranza should be off the slip by now and acting as second boat at Largs until Monday am – providing there is no problem with replaced Voith unit. Then (on Monday am) she is to head back to Gigha and relieve Loch Riddon, which in turn will relieve the Isle of Cumbrae at Tarbert. This would then allow Isle of Cumbrae to relieve Loch Dunvegan on the Colintraive - Rhubodach crossing on Wednesday. Loch Dunvegan will apparently then proceed to either Gourock wires berth or JWD overnight and be dry docked in Garvel on Thursday, although we're not sure what the reason for this is.
04/05/05 Loch Striven was at Largs this morning at 10:00. She had vanished by 14:00 presumably on her way back to Raasay.
03/05/05 Loch Ranza was slipped at Ardmaleish today, following Loch Striven returning to the water.
02/05/05 Isle of Cumbrae has broken down resulting in the Tarbert - Portavadie Service being cancelled until further notice. Loch Ranza currently lies at the outer berth at Largs pier, when not being used to assist on the Cumbrae crossing. Loch Linnhe is at Raasay (sighted 31/04/05) while the Loch Striven remains on Ardmaleish Slip. Saturn on the Rothesay roster had capacity problems and had to leave a number of cars and lorries, all of which were conveyed on a later sailing. Isle of Cumbrae resumed service about mid-morning at Tarbert to Portavadie after engine repairs. Saturn was required to do an extra sailing from Rothesay tonight at 19.45 to clear traffic from the Bute Jazz Festival.
  Some Late News In: While Lord of the Isles took the 17:00 to Colonsay on Friday night, Isle of Arran sailed to Port Ellen for an overnight berth before crossing to Kennacraig on Saturday morning.
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