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31/03/08 CLYDE:
Loch Riddon
left Largs this afternoon and made her way over to Rothesay for reasons yet to be clarified.
Caledonian Isles is spending tonight in Brodick, due to adverse weather. Tomorrow's first sailing will be the 0820 from Brodick. Just a reminder, for all disruptions information please see both CalMac's service status page on the link above and also our Forum disruptions section here.

Picture: Saturn (SoC Forum/Daily Bute)
Loch Riddon in Rothesay Bay

23/03/08 CLYDE:
was off until 1520 today due to a technical problem. Saturn stepped in from 1020 and kept the Dunoon service running during this period.

Isle of Lewis
carried out an unscheduled additional sailing to Ullapool and back today following the cancellations over the last few days.

Summer timetable commenced this morning. Clansman completed her inward sailing at 0500 this morning and then sailed as scheduled back to Coll and Tiree at 0600. Lord of the Isles joined Isle of Mull on the Oban - Craignure run to clear the backlog caused by yesterday's cancelled sailings. At one point, all three vessels were passing each other between Duart Castle and Lismore lighthouse - an unusual sight indeed! Lord of the Isles returned to her normal duties this evening with the 1700 to Colonsay and back.

Coruisk and Lochnevis were both stormbound in Mallaig during this afternoon and Isle of Lewis and Muirneag have had their sailings cancelled too.

Loch Buie has been running to an hourly timetable this afternoon, xx45 from Fionnphort and xx00 from Iona due to the weather. Hebrides was running late due to the weather.
had to divert one of her sailings to Gourock, meanwhile Saturn continued using Wemyss Bay. Bute then ran trials this afternoon before taking over from Saturn on the Rothesay service. Saturn is now back at Rosneath.

20/03/08 Heavy weather was causing problems today. Having moved from Craignure to Oban ready to take the Outer Isles service, Lord of the Isles became stormbound at Oban pier, with Isle of Mull joining her at the other berth. Clansman had to divert her return sailing from Coll and Tiree to Craignure and she will be spending the night there. The delayed sailing will leave Craignure at 0415 tomorrow morning to be in Oban for 0500. The next Outer Isles sailing will be Clansman's 1340 tomorrow for Barra. For South Uist traffic, Loch Alainn will make an additional connecting sailing to Eriskay tomorrow evening.

19/03/08 Saturn left Rosneath at around 1000 this morning and made for Rothesay. She picked up the Wemyss Bay roster with the 1145 sailing from Rothesay, displacing Coruisk. With Saturn now sailing to Bute, vehicles are having to load and discharge via her stern ramp due to the old side-loading linkspan being removed. Here is a series of photos of Saturn back on the Bute run:

Picture: Buff Funnels Forever (SoC Forum/Clydesights) Picture: Saturn (SoC Forum/Daily Bute) Picture: Saturn (SoC Forum/Daily Bute)
Saturn back in service on her original route

Isle of Cumbrae sailed from Gourock this morning and made for Lochranza where she relieved Loch Riddon on the Tarbert - Portavadie/Lochranza run at 1345. Loch Riddon then made for JWD where she arrived at 1715 for ramp repairs. The following pictures were taken during the course of the day:

Picture: SoC Crew Picture: SoC Crew Picture: Buff Funnels Forever (SoC Forum/Clydesights)
Isle of Cumbrae changing with Loch Riddon, and the latter entering JWD

Loch Tarbert left Largs during today, presumably for Ardmaleish for repairs, before returning to Lochranza this evening. She was spotted emerging from the Kyles of Bute at 1700, making for Arran.
Coruisk in turn set sail down the Clyde, passing Brodick at around 1245. She is spending tonight in Craignure after rounding the Mull of Kintyre and passing through the Sound of Islay. She was seen passing by Port Askaig as the light faded this evening.

Picture: G Pat Ile (SoC Forum)
Coruisk in the Sound of Islay

18/03/08 It appears that Bute will not be ready to re-enter service in time to allow Coruisk to head away north, so Saturn is to put in an appearance on the Wemyss Bay - Rothesay run from tomorrow, partnering Argyle.

17/03/08 Loch Tarbert appeared in Largs this afternoon. We understand she is in need of a minor repair prior to re-entering service on the Kilbrannan Sound on Friday.

Isle of Cumbrae has arrived in Gourock from Rosneath, ending her winter lay-up. We expect her to relieve Loch Riddon later this week.
Picture: Andycam (SoC Forum)
Loch Tarbert with Loch Shira
Picture: Andycam (SoC Forum)
Loch Tarbert at Largs pier

16/03/08 Loch Riddon has suffered a technical problem with her bow ramp (the one she uses at Tarbert in the winter and at Cumbrae Slip in the summer). She is currently sailing single ended with vehicles reversing on. The picture to the right shows her 'wrong way round' at Tarbert this evening.

Loch Portain arrived at Largs at 1125 this morning and unloaded crew cars. She then left at 1140 as Loch Shira approached, bound for JWD in Greenock. She cautiously entered the wet dock at around 1330, berthing in front of Bute.

Picture: SoC Crew
Loch Riddon at Tarbert


Picture: SoC Crew Picture: SoC Crew Picture: SoC Crew
Loch Portain today: with Loch Shira off Largs, passing Dunoon and at JWD

appears to be having a few technical issues following her return from overhaul. Her Lochmaddy and Tarbert sailings are delayed today by approx one hour.
Loch Portain spent last night in Oban and was noted at 0920 in the Gulf of Corryvrekan as she continued her journey to the Clyde. She is spending tonight in Campbeltown.

is now back in JWD for completion of her overhaul. She is expected to return to service in the next few days to allow Coruisk to return to her summer role as Mallaig - Armadale ferry.

14/03/08 Lord of the Isles came off duty after returning from the Outer Isles this afternoon. Her place on the winter roster is taken by Clansman for the remaining week before the summer timetable starts. Lord of the Isles is now berthed at the south side of Craignure pier.
Loch Portain left Berneray at 0900 this morning bound for the Clyde and her annual overhaul - the last of the Lochs to go south. Loch Bhrusda is taking all Sound of Harris sailings in the meantime. We think Loch Portain is spending tonight either at Tobermory or Lochaline West Pier.

13/03/08 Hebrides is back in service on the Uig - Tarbert - Lochmaddy run and Clansman will now make her way back to Oban to take over from Lord of the Isles.

12/03/08 CLYDE:
was seen on Brodick's webcam at the berth early this morning. She sailed from Brodick at around 0830 this morning bound for berthing trials in Oban. She passed through the Sound of Islay mid afternoon and was off Port Askaig at 1430.
Picture: SoC Crew
Hebrides en route for Oban...
Picture: SoC Crew
...and approaching Port Askaig
Isle of Mull
missed her first sailings to Craignure and eventually sailed at 1100. Upon returning from Craignure she then sailed at 1325 for Colonsay, however she was unable to berth and returned to Oban. For full details of disruptions encountered today, click HERE for the relevant page on the SoC Forum

11/03/08 Isle of Arran had her 1800 ex Islay cancelled this evening. An additional sailing is planned for tomorrow morning, however the weather may see this amended.

left JWD at 1415 this afternoon for trials off Gourock. She then made her way down the Clyde to Brodick for an overnight berth. She will sail onwards for the Western Isles tomorrow morning.
Picture: Buff Funnels Forever (SoC Forum / Clydesights)
Hebrides heading down the Clyde...
Picture: Andycam (SoC Forum / Clyde Naval Gazing)
...and passing the Cumbrae war memorial
Click HERE to see Forum member Robster the Lobster's photos of the vessel arriving at Brodick.

09/03/08 Loch Tarbert completed her journey back to the Clyde today. She left Craighouse on Jura at 0600 this morning and made her way directly round the Mull of Kintyre to Lochranza. She will now lie there idle until the start of the summer timetable on Good Friday.
Hebridean Isles again sailed for Port Askaig  this evening instead of Port Ellen on the 1800 ex Kennacraig. She carried out a sailing
Picture: Robster the Lobster (SoC Forum)
Loch Tarbert returning to Arran
Picture: SoC Crew
Isle of Arran lying at Craignure
straight back to Kennacraig instead of waiting until 0415 in the morning. She will therefore pick up the roster with the 0700 tomorrow morning.
Isle of Arran left Port Askaig at 0945 for Kennacraig. She then sailed at 1230 for Craignure for a sheltered overnight berth, due to the forecasted overnight gales. She arrived at Craignure later this afternoon.

08/03/08 Loch Tarbert sailed from Craignure at 0730 bound initially for Port Askaig, however her destination was amended to Craighouse, where she arrived at 1630.
Lochnevis made an additional call at Muck today at 1355, before making for Eigg (1430) and Mallaig with stranded traffic.
Lord of the Isles' 0645 sailing to Coll and Tiree was delayed this morning due to loading problems which involved the vessel putting
Picture: Saturn (SoC Forum/Daily Bute)
Loch Bhrusda at Rhubodach to pick up crew cars
Picture: SoC Forum/Flickr - Flying Childers
Caledonian Isles heading from Gourock to Brodick
back to the berth after her first departure.
Isle of Arran diverted her sailing to Port Askaig this evening. She is lying there until 0945 tomorrow when she will return to Kennacraig.

Caledonian Isles
diverted her 0820 ex Brodick sailing to Gourock. After reloading she then left for Brodick again at 1105. Normal service resumed with the 1350to Ardrossan.
Loch Bhrusda left Rothesay this morning and called in at Rhubodach to collect crew cars before setting off for relief in the Western Isles. She is heading for the Sound of Harris to relieve the Loch Portain.

07/03/08 Loch Tarbert left Eriskay at 0845 this morning and crossed the Minch. She arrived at Craignure for an overnight berth at 1830.
Hebridean Isles diverted her 1800 sailing to Port Askaig and then carried out a return sailing to Kennacraig, instead of waiting until 0415 tomorrow morning. She berthed tonight at Kennacraig with Isle of Arran.
Lochnevis again missed her call at Muck today.

Loch Shira
sailed for Gourock tonight for a more sheltered overnight berth.

06/03/08 Loch Alainn is now back in service on the Barra - Eriskay run, having taken over from Loch Tarbert today. Loch Tarbert is spending tonight at Eriskay's inner berth.

Advance notice has been given for a timetable change tomorrow (Fri 7th March) - the 1815 Eriskay - Barra sailing will be delayed by one hour, awaiting a Barra school party returning from Stornoway.

05/03/08 Loch Bhrusda again left Rothesay harbour this morning and we understand that she relieved Loch Dunvegan for a very spell on the Colintraive - Rhubodach run, finishing at 0915 before returning to Rothesay at 1020. As yet we do not know the reason for this relief trip.

Picture: Buff Funnels Forever (SoC Forum / Clydesights)
Hebrides back in JWD with Bute in the dry dock

Hebrides has left Garvel dry dock and is now back in JWD having her overhaul finished off. Bute meanwhile has moved into the dry dock to commence her own overhaul.

Loch Fyne is now back in service on the Lochaline - Fishnish service. Loch Alainn will now continue her journey to Barra.
Lochnevis missed her call at Muck due to the weather today.

04/03/08 Loch Bhrusda was spotted out and about on trials this morning. She ventured into the eastern kyle before returning to the inner berth at Rothesay

03/03/08 Loch Fyne left Port Askaig at 0715 this morning and made her way through the Sound of Islay and up through the Firth of Lorn. She was heading back to Craignure for an overnight berth, where she will lie until Wednesday morning. She will then resume service, taking over from Loch Alainn.

Picture: G Pat Ile (SoC Forum)
Loch Fyne leaving Port Askaig...

Picture: G Pat Ile (SoC Forum)
...and heading out into the Sound of Islay

02/03/08 Loch Fyne left JWD again today and this time went down to Largs where she lay off before loading crew cars. She then left and made for Port Askaig, arriving at 2130. See below for a selection of photos her en route:

Picture: Andycam (SoC Forum) Picture: Andycam (SoC Forum) Picture: G Pat Ile (SoC Forum)
Loch Fyne today: with Loch Shira off Largs and alongside at Port Askaig

01/03/08 Raasay is now noted running on the Oban - Lismore service. Eigg is up at Corpach undergoing her annual overhaul

Things seem to have calmed down with most of the network running as per timetable, however there were one or two routes suffering at the hands of the weather:

Largs - Cumbrae Slip - Loch Shira went up to Gourock again tonight for shelter
Ballycastle - Rathlin -
Canna saw some of her sailings cancelled
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