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29/02/04 Saturn passed Inverkip on her way up river from Wemyss Bay at 10.49 this morning. Isle of Mull seemed to be ok yesterday still due at Garvel 10.00 Thursday Isle of Arran to take up 08.00 sailing to Craignure seems Isle of Mull picked up a wire on her prop, she will be docked for 48 hours and will return to Oban next Sunday or Monday, Isle of Arran then to come down to Garvel of her overhaul. Plans of course may change.

28/02/04 Lord of the Isles was late in from Tiree with winch problems yesterday, so Isle of Mull took the outer isles traffic, calling at Craignure on the way out. Lord of the Isles called in to Craignure inbound from Tiree, then went back out to Mull. She will continue on the Mull run today until Isle of Mull returns. Hebridean Isles took the Colonsay run yesterday too.

27/02/04 Due to tidal restrictions, the 1110 sailing from Berneray and 1240 sailing from Leverburgh will be cancelled on both Monday the 8th of March and Tuesday the 9th of March
  NorthLink: Due to adverse weather conditions sailings from Hatston are subject to disruptions. There will be no sailing from Hatston to Aberdeen tonight, Friday 27th February. The next planned departure from Hatston will be a southbound sailing to Aberdeen at around lunchtime on Saturday 28th February. This time of departure of M.V. Hrossey tomorrow will be dependant on tidal and weather conditions and the progress of her previous sailing. Estimated time of arrival of the MV Hrossey into Lerwick is 0100 on the morning of Saturday the 28th February. The next planned sailing of MV Hrossey to Kirkwall and Aberdeen will be at 0400 on the 28th February. These times are subject to change, depending on progress of Northbound sailing.
26/02/04 So, just to recap on the current situation: Isle of Mull is ill still, she is down for docking in Garvel next Thursday. She is leaking oil from a damaged seal in one of her main props. Isle of Arran is taking over at Oban for her. Hopefully she will dock with Jupiter who is getting her prop fixed too after a blade went missing. Coruisk is on for another couple of weeks. Hebrides is due in after Isle of Mull. The Loch Portain is due in with the Isle of Arran, after the Hebridean Isles. The Isle of Mull is due back on station next Sunday or Monday.
NorthLink:  Latest Information at 07:00 - Due to the severe weather forecast later Pentland Firth sailings are under review. M.V. Hamnavoe departed Stromness at 07:00 and is expected to arrive in Scrabster at 08:30. The next sailing will depart from Scrabster when ready. M.V. Hrossey arrived in Aberdeen at 06:45 on Tuesday 24th February. M.V Hamnavoe departed Aberdeen for Stromness at 14:10 hrs. The next scheduled departure from Aberdeen will be on Thursday 26.02.04 at 17:00 sailing to Kirkwall and Lerwick. Due to adverse weather forecast, all passengers are advised to contact NorthLink Ferries for an update on this departure. Due to the severe weather conditions and in the interests of passenger safety tonight's sailing from Lerwick to Kirkwall and Aberdeen at 17:30 has been cancelled. The next scheduled sailing departure from Lerwick will be on Friday 27.02.2004 at 17:30 sailing to Kirkwall and Aberdeen. Due to severe weather forecast, the 23:45 sailing from Hatston to Aberdeen on Wednesday 25th February has been cancelled. The next scheduled departure from Hatston is the 23:45 sailing to Lerwick on 26th February. The next sailing to Aberdeen from Hatston will be on Friday 27th February at 23:45.
Harris Coaches: A bit of slightly related news that may interest Calmac passengers is the possible tender loss from Harris Coaches for the W10 Stornoway - Leverburgh bus service on Harris to a Lewis company. This will go ahead if the Western Isles Council accepts the lowest bidder. This will end a reliable and reputed service run by the company linking the Calmac termianls.
23/02/04 All quiet on the Western Front so to say at the moment. Saturn arrived at Wemyss Bay, not sure what's she's up to. Presumably down to relieve one of the boats. Juno must be covering Dunoon. this is this them probably swapping over instead of yesterday.
Update: Juno returned to service on the 1420 Gourock-Dunoon run. The Saturn moved to Wemyss Bay to take up the main Rothesay roster at 1515 and the Jupiter was therefore able to come up to the 'top wires' at Gourock for some essential maintenance.
The Coruisk is likely to be stationed at Rothesay for another 2 or 3 weeks.

22/02/04 Courisk is to be at Rothesay until 14th March, she will then go up to Mallaig. Hebrides and Loch Portian to be dry docked at Garvel together. Saturn is going back to Garvel for some work then when Hebrides and Loch Portain come out Jupiter is going in to have some work done on her props. Also a rumour that Isle of Mull might come down for quick dry docking in-between Clansman & Hebrides.
20/02/04 Juno arrived at the top wires at Gourock around 13:00pm today freshly painted.

Late News: Loch Fyne entered Garvel dry-dock at 10:55 on the 18th along with Clansman at 11:20 the same day.
19/02/04 NorthLink: M.V. Hjaltland will proceed to Dry Dock leaving Aberdeen at approx 10:15. The next scheduled departure from Aberdeen will be on Friday 20.02.04 at 1700 sailing to Kirkwall and Lerwick.
17/02/04 Loch Bhrusda was slipped on Monday at 7.55 at Ardmaleish boat yard Bute

Clansman arrived at Gourock this morning 0825, presumably to unload crew cars. Later sighted at 11:30am ish at Ferguson's.

Turns out Coruisk's gangway problem was a false alarm, there were a couple of glitches with the new gangway's machinery through the day but otherwise all went well.

16/02/04 06:30 - Coruisk left Gourock for Rothesay, 06:55 - Coruisk berthed at Linkspan at Rothesay and is trying the new gangway, She departed on time at 7.15 with 33 passengers and 11 crew.
Later Addition: MV Coruisk's first day in service on Rothesay-Wemyss Bay route this morning (Mon 16th).

Turnround at Rothesay going according to timetable although new gangway still not in operation. Passengers are boarding via her car deck - not sure yet if this applies at WB.

Conventional 'streaker' gangway at Rothesay has also been out of action for several days so passengers are used to taking the long way round!
15/02/04 Saturn left Rothesay, inbound for Dunoon, this will be to let Coruisk up to Garvel, to get her wing back on for tomorrow service in the lower firth. The port attachment has to be in position to allow her to use the new passenger gangway at Rothesay, where she berths port side to. It has to be removed to allow her to use the gangways at Gourock and Dunoon. The regular gangways do not fit if the attachment remains in place. She can however operate to Dunoon with the starboard attachment still on as she only requires this for use at Wemyss Bay.

Loch Bhrusda's overhaul replacement wont be Isle of Cumbrae as she is at Lochaline, it is probably the Loch Linnhie. The Loch Fyne is due in with the Clansman on Wednesday 18th. the Loch Bhrusda will probably be going to Ardmaleish. Lord of the Isles arrived this morning to take up the Barra sailing at midday. The Clansman is still in Oban, but will leave tonight, to arrive at Ferguson's for 8:00am ish, then, on to Garvel on Wednesday. She is going to Ferguson's for an extension to her boat deck, this will give a roof over the deck directly behind the bar. She is getting it craned and tacked on, then down to dry dock for finishing touches.
13/02/04 Lord of the Isles left Aberdeen this morning at 9.46am, sailing round to Oban after completing trials. Loch Tarbert was sighted tied up in Rothesay.
12/02/04 The Eigg is due to depart Oban at 05.30 today for overhaul at Corpach boat yard. this will be her first time there. Clansman is due at Ferguson's on Monday, and dry-dock on Wednesday, so Lord of the Isles will need to be back from overhauls in Aberdeen by Sunday morning sailing to Barra. Loch Dunvegan has left JWD and is heading back to the Kyles for service.
10/02/04 Isle of Cumbrae is currently sitting at the wires in Gourock. Coruisk seems to be on the Dunnon run.

09/02/04 Coruisk has now taken up the Gourock - Dunoon roster. Jupiter and Saturn are on the Wemyss Bay - Rothesay service and Juno has joined Sound of Scarba (Western Ferries) in Garvel Dry-dock for her overhaul.

See photo opposite for latest image at Gourock.
  Just when CORUISK seemed to be back, she is presently at James Watt Docks. It appears that she is moored very close to the JWD entrance, and is tied up at a funny angle, which caused the entrance to the Docks to be obstructed. Cal Mac sailings at 1220 ex Gourock & 1250 ex Dunoon will be passenger only. AliCat currently at Gourock Pier (12:10) Saturn was seen heading down firth towards Wemyss Bay - possibly to take up the 1300 to Rothesay. A streaker as far as we know is heading up river.
  NorthLink: The Hebridean Isles, now on temporary charter to NorthLink, departed Scrabster at 13:20 and is expected to arrive in Stromness at 15:20. Due to the fact that the MV Hrossey is currently in Dry Dock there will be no sailing from Lerwick today. The next scheduled sailing from Lerwick will depart for Kirkwall and Aberdeen on Tue 10th Feb at 17:30.
08/02/04 Isle of Mull noted back on Mull service today after her brief engine trouble.
12:40pm Coruisk has been sighted powering round Toward Point en-route to Rothesay. Saturn has gone on to the Dunoon service this morning having changed places with Jupiter.

07/02/04 Coruisk was sighted sailing into Rothesay, not sure if she came from Wemyss Bay or Gourock. She was later seen heading back up to Gourock at about 16.00. She is trying out her new gangway, seemly the batteries on the gangway can only be used for 4 lifts before needing recharged.
Loch Dunvegan is sighted sailing up from Rothesay at 14:00, not sure where she is off to, currently opposite Wemyss Bay. Last week she was off due to technical trouble, this could be the result of that. Apparently she is requiring a spare part from Germany. She's replaced by Loch Tarbert on standby.
The CALEDONIAN ISLES was chartered by the CRSC and taken on an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of the island after disembarking her 0945 ex-Ardrossan passengers on a sail that lasted over four hours, allowing about an hour ashore at Brodick before her service run back to the mainland. Under the command of Captain McCrindle all 224 passengers seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day.

Later Addition: Isle of Mull's problems seemed to be her engine oil cooler went, filling the oil tank and the engine up with sea water. After cleaning her out and repairing the fault, a lot of oil under pressure was sprayed around the car deck when a hose used to fill the tank burst. That's why she didn't make it to Oban to do the 16.00 sailing as was expected.
Later Addition: The Hebridean Isles returned to Oban about noon and so did not make it to Colonsay. She then left Oban going north presumably for Scrabster. The Clansman left Oban at 16:00 for Craignure and there is still no signs of the Isle of Mull. There is a unconfirmed report of some sort of 'spillage incident', Boom equipment had been ordered but was not required. She has not been allowed to sail on 1 engine so stuck in Craignure. SoC cant confirm this and no further details as of yet.
Later Addition: It seems that Coruisk is due to berth at Rothesay on Sunday night while Juno comes up to Gourock. The former goes on No 2A Roster (secondary roster) first thing Monday and the latter goes into Garvel Drydock with the WF which is being delayed. It also appears that Hebridean  Isles, which did Colonsay this morning, will be relieved by a repaired Isle of Mull for the 1600 Craignure and will then proceed to Orkney. Hamnavoe will not wait for her, less she loses her drydock slot. I assume the first run will just have to be cancelled if necessary.
06/02/04 The Isle of Mull has still not arrived back in Oban, the Hebridean Isles left Oban at 10:30 going south presumably doing the Colonsay sailing. The Hebridean Isles also did the Mull's 08:00 run.

05/02/04 The Isle of Mull was lying at Craignure with engine trouble today, she was spotted there since 11.00am. The Clansman has been called in from outer isles and picked up the afternoon traffic. Hebridean Isles is being diverted to Craignure en route to Stromness to cover in the meantime.  A source notes that Isle of Mull's repair shouldn’t take too long.  Hebridean Isles arrived at Oban at about 1900hrs. She was loaded probably from Craignure and appears to be tied up for the night. 

Coruisk was in at Rothesay today trying out her new gangway, but apparently it does not fit. Her invalid left is still out of use and she was unable to sail on the 18:15 ex Rothesay tonight. She was at Gourock tonight waiting for an engineer to fix her broken lift. She is due to take up the Rothesay-Wemyss Bay service on Monday, all being well.  Jupiter is still on the Dunoon run this afternoon.

04/02/04 Due to yesterdays adverse weather the the following will revised timetables will operate today, Calmac warn this is of course weather permitting.

Mull / Colonsay Service
Dep Oban 0800 Dep Craignure 0845 Arr Oban 0930
Dep Oban 1200 Arr Colonsay 1415 Dep Colonsay 1420 Arr Craignure 1700 Arr Oban 1745
Dep Oban 1800 Dep Craignure 1900 Arr Oban 1945

Uig/Oban / Barra / Coll Service
Dep Oban 0600 Arr Uist 1050
Dep Uist 1100 Arr Barra 1230
Dep Barra 1245 Arr Coll 1545
Dep Coll 1545 Arr Oban 1830

Dep Lochmaddy 0730
Arr Uig 0910
Dep Uig 0940
Arr Tarbert 1120
Dep Tarbert 1140
Arr Lochmaddy 1320
Dep lochmaddy 1340
Arr Uig 1520
Dep Uig 1540
Arr Lochmaddy 1720.

NorthLink: M.V. Hamnavoe is currently in Stromness. Due to the severe weather and in the interest of passenger safety and comfort, the 09:00 departure from Stromness and the 12:00 departure from Scrabster on Wed 04.02.2004 have both been cancelled. The next scheduled sailing after this will be the 16:30 departure from Stromness followed by the 19:00 departure from Scrabster on Wed 04.02.2004. M.V Hjaltland arrived in Aberdeen at 06:50. Due to adverse weather conditions the sailing time of the Hjaltland has been delayed until 06:00 hrs on Wednesday 4th. Estimated time of arrival into Lerwick will be 18:00 hrs. M.V. Hrossey arrived in Lerwick at 07:20 this morning. Due to severe weather conditions, and in the interests of passenger safety, the MV Hrossey will not be sailing this evening. This situation will be reviewed at 08:00 tomorrow morning.

03/02/04 Isle of Arran will berth overnight on Wednesday at Port Askaig then depart on Thursday for Kennacraig and take up the 12.50 sailing to Port Askaig. Hebridean Isles will depart Kennacraig soon as unloading for the Pentland Firth.

NorthLink: Due to the severe weather forecast and in the interest of passenger safety and comfort, the 16:30 departure from Stromness and the 19:00 departure from Scrabster have both been cancelled. The 03:45 departure from Stromness tomorrow morning is currently under review and a decision is expected at 17:00 this afternoon.

02/02/04 Current Clyde Status: Coruisk is in Garvel DD, she moved there this morning for her annual survey. Jupiter is currently on the Gourock-Dunoon run. Saturn and Juno are on the Rothesay-Wemyss Bay run. Pioneer remains in JWD boarded up while AliCat continues the 1A roster from Gourock.

01/02/04 In Ferguson's again today, the Coruisk has a mobile type crane positioned over her. It appears as if heavy equipment is being moved or something suggesting there further modifications being carried out. Noted a few days ago but not listed was a additional external piece of metal added around her gangway entrance, possible allowing the new Gangways to attach better.
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