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We all know of the phrase 'Lifeline services' and how its strongly connected with CalMac, this was even more apparent when the Western Isles were taken over during the Second World War by Aircrews from over the world. The many bases needed many supplies and without MacBraynes this would of been impossible. Many of the vessels found themselves many miles away from there home ports, thankfully many returned to take up there services after the war. As the book 'The Hebrides at War' notes, no story passed through the crews stationed on the remote islands was complete without the word 'MacBraynes'...

Ships from the fleet who have seen active service or were involved in World War II...
SAINT COLUMBA Requisitioned as a troop transport ship from 1915 to 1919. She also served during World War II as an accommodation ship at Greenock Rammed and sank a German U-Boat in WWI, she was also laid up in Greenock’s East India Harbour to serve as an accommodation ship

LOCHNEVIS Minelayer Painted in Wartime Grey livery

GONDOLIER Blockage Vessel Jan 1940 - She was striped of all her fittings and towed to Scapa Flow where she was sank to add to a underwater barrier

LOCHGARRY Dunkirk evacuation Boat + supply ship for bases in the Hebrides She became the only vessel lost to the war from the fleet when she sank in a storm off Rathlin Island with the loss of 23 lives

KING GEORGE V Dunkirk evacuation Boat + ferry boat On return from Dunkirk she was heavily bombed and nearly sunk by German aircraft. She was carrying 1000 troops and 100 tones of ammunition at the time. She later spent time ferrying troops to Liners at Gourock

LOCHSHIEL   Partially sank at Mingary Pier while on her way to Kinlochleven - March 1942

HEBRIDES Supply ship for bases on Tiree, Lochboisdale and Castlebay She was on loan from McCallum Orm and Co to MacBraynes due to there losses to war. As the war drew to a close she struck rocks in the Gunna sound and was towed into Gott Bay on 31st May 1945.

CLYDESDALE Supply ship for bases on Tiree, Lochboisdale and Castlebay  

LOCHALINE Royal Navy Examination Ship at Rothesay  

LOCHBUIE Hospital launch  

1899 P.S. WAVERLEY Served as a minesweeper in both WWI and WWII Lost at Dunkirk (bombing) in May 1940

1934 P.S. MERCURY Requisitioned for minesweeping duties Lost in December 1940 to a mine

PS PIONEER Headquarters Ship for the Royal Navy at Farlie Taken over by Admiralty early in 1944 and was anchored off Fairlie, on the Clyde, to serve as Headquarters for the Submarine Control of the North Atlantic

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